from bed, we’ll rise to their surprise

stand still

look around

focus on where the measure of a human is found

resting in dew drops dripping through fall leaf furls, cascading over ripples, rolling from red to yellow, finally forming a single tear




soaked into story telling soil, spreading and climbing up spindly dendrites sucking to stay alive, splitting paths to where the needs reside


the rain stopped yesterday, dry air deadened our breath

we had enough to sustain

for a few hours

until we fell on crackling brown leaves lifting powder black dust passionately puffed into plumes signaling our demise

the formation and rise of a phoenix bringing rain

a chance to love again

from bed, we’re not acting

when the torture of today’s truth is realized, recognized, and surrounded by sensible steps forward, we can march to principles based on a common cause and find a way out of this collection of clues troubling our thoughts as we stir in dark rooms

squeezing severed with reality eyelids trying to sleep for an hour, maybe more

then their voices crash in, rising and falling, bouncing and walking, screaming and mocking, crying and stalking

our calm that came when running hallways of blame

now lost

laying alone

my consciousness switches to my pounding-hammer parts responding to the sounds you use when trying to be seen

the sounds


a final statement set with treacherous tones

i’m not alone

you come with me

when i lay at night trying to find peace

for all of us

inside these senses reflecting


from a plane, passing by

there never was a problem getting up in the morning

until recently

painful drawn out sighs

wishing you would turn clockwise and realize it’s because of you

shifting blame doesn’t seem to play well when it’s my mind that tends to scrape hell sentences off the sidewalks

we fell

where cracks have taken over

our cell

don’t jump on them

ring the bell

i found the end

should i get pretty?

from a chair, almost there

i couldn’t comprehend the chants as the ground started to swell

twisted satire leading the way

a fantasy display to detail the tale of this five act play in a rented out band shell drifting towards the slow decline

draining the last drop

to please sadistic pleas

wading in the rising sea

feet finding a safe path leading, beaten

it’s lonely at the top

push out

push away

falling all around

wires touch between my hands

i’m in control

from a plane, the flight attendant didn’t know i knew her story

nervous smiles were quick to exchange between deranged thoughts she was taught to rearrange through black cat-eye glasses and red lipstick, luck is lost when she walks by

ask the love that was suppose to survive

vows vanished

she kept the candle

lit once

for all to see

before eternities sea rose and dampened the flame, a single wish never blown

just chances, set them free


she loved the pinch of handcuffs

i met her today, ironic-squints passed through scratched lenses as she pulled a yellow lifeless vest over sprayed straight hair and taught us to float

if we should fall from the air

what to pull, who’s responsible, face masks, make sure you can breath…

before you confront emergencies

her eyes fake scanned feigned-attention faces that won’t follow the plan

her plan?

she popped a mint and sat down

the captain has twine and a lighter

her hands are clean and free

landing safely

she wished us a good stay

there’s two ends to every candle

from bed, quick draw

i never saw it the same way

twisted, muted, the land of gray

it wasn’t as if i knew her name

while walking the lane

where soggy wallet spinsters play steel-faced, quickly turning away

it was my time to walk alone with gusty gutsy ‘i love you’ guarded tones flipping and flying from our demise, my mouth

i kept pushing the pace against street cars lined in parade positions

a child heart glistens with nothing left to give but dirty water flushing, asteroid signs

never respecting the unicorn kind that trounce around on casket clouds

while wearing a shroud of blisters and boils

you should have won

from bed, sleep won’t come so easy

clock click bang

click clock bang

these are the words they sang

silver shells blast through pain-hell halls we create while zombie emotions learn to tell the tales of our fails

heads and tails

loser at every flip


through the head they rang


well rehearsed responses

‘we’ll pull together. we’re -blank- strong’


that song

roots you assholes

roots of the cause

these bloody symptoms

pills keep popping pushing away pain

diseases keep spreading

i can’t feel it

i only respond


i looked at those faces today

i do every day


sitting, searching, nodding

they know

they can’t count on us

if we’re not there

talk, share, define they’re grief!

they don’t ‘just know’

we have to pass this thing down

campfires and kitchen tables used to illuminate our faces, not rectangle spaces

they know

no ‘they’ don’t

open your fucking mouth