from a porch, try again

can you continue

working towards the self-realization that we’re all frail and trying to be alright

coming home to love and fight

wrinkled brow on a friday night

soften me

wake me in the night

with reassuring breaths

turn from the moon-glow light as you clutch your body-pillow tight

now, release and reach

tension’s poison you’ll breach

when succumbing to the notion

ourselves we must teach

to try again

and again

if it takes too long

we’ll try again

to see your ways

my disturbing rants

cadence found in argument’s trance

break free

try again

and again

i rest on the notion


try again

and beg in slow motion to stop the commotion, no magic potion can change this location where we find ourselves…

trying again

mesmerizing chants, we start the dance, tricked into believing its our last chance, on wooden dance halls, your slipper falls, desperation calls, as i bend down and crawl, whispering to myself, ‘try again’

continue this search

understanding seuss was right

we’re all left in the lurch

keep trying

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