from a hotel bed, the privilege to consider prestige


thoughts take up daylight clouding my vision and fading the only thing i have to hold onto

but she is lying

i know that

perfectly packaged material arrives everyday strategically shared to paint a picture.

i’m the emotional artist

get out of my studio and save the sales pitch for the finger fuck suit down the hall who sips steady shots of alcohol (he knows them all) and i can’t twist anymore with these images of time left open and the draft that came through only kept me in the know of what travesties you were trying to take back from the waking world reality we all live in

those were my words

the ones you carefully jotted in a notebook for everyone to see

those were my words

the ones i flung out before considering drenched in a tear filled raw exchange of exactly how i was feeling

i feel

you think

throw the fucking last years in with the kitchen sink

here it all comes

how do i get your attention to see the world isn’t planned and pleated, written and deleted

before presentation

my walk is my pitch

i will never switch to save my own face

i could care less what i look like

honesty is ugly

the roots dig deeper and i become immovable

there’s a breeze

i sway

you break

good bye

a porch, horrible music surrounds me

i hate the night

you all change

i get tired

eyes blur, words slur, everything is totally fucking ‘like for sure’

i don’t want to listen to your drivel

wasted words

pushing everything backwards

i used to be that way

wrapped in insecurity’s goggle lenses

now i’m fucking bitter

especially because she wants me to be you

for a time

what does that say?

this stupid rhyme

meters forced

it’s all i have

the option is there


my weakness would give you a partner

i have to dance alone

they think it’s negativity

angsty creativity

the flow of emotions

pouring from untapped sources

i can’t apologize

for your lack of understanding

i’ll sit alone and wrestle the tone

wishing i could destroy the drone

of my thoughts

i can’t win

roaming, two days of travel nonsense

tell me a tale of twisted images careening around borders that separate the value of situations warranting a more readied response

complacent eyes search for immediacy in a time warped world of come fast or forget me it’s the demands you continue to make in barrel chested pants out of the amount of crazy attitudes i bent and broke nothing i can hope to repair in this lifetime of killing

give me what you want

i can’t listen anymore

you’ve deafened me with defensive dreams of demand

accept me

for who i am


from the porch, everyone is a fucking Napoleon

standard lines drawn and forgotten

can i cross?

the plane of existence we stand at fringes waiting for our turn to jump in and be swallowed by forgotten drama of social constructs that challenge our perceptions as gulf stream waters shift with cooler winds blowing their divine energies bringing gifts of sudden wonder and delights as i crash into your side walks hoping for another chance to drink the pooling waters of ghosts whom haunt our parties of goodwill

please remember me

the one who shot back a glance walking hallways of chance

now she dances before me

a slide to the left, bopping with a smile through tangled hair refreshing my memory that we are always becoming

when the lines cease to form boundaries and shapes

we’ll be healed from this spiraling fate

a whirlpool of forgotten scenarios

we’re drowning

finding new life

come with me

i promise

it won’t hurt

from bed, tied up and twisted

i hope you’re well

starts most greetings i type

words that i spell

fastened to the intention that i wish i didn’t have to wish anymore

that you weren’t splayed out on gummy bathroom tile floors

wishing for the door to stay locked as you drift away

a wish your forefingers bought, caught, and forgot with bulging eyes between ill-willed hand shakes dancing with short black skirts

eyes alert

surprises divert my attention to your smiling arms

wrapped tightly

i watch from afar

you swing away

finding stones to kick down alleys where you’ll lay

i write you notes

quick sidestep quotes

from our shared sunday morning’s sipping tea with clarity when your stumbling words brought hilarity

and i didn’t have to wish

you were there




from the porch, first crack at a stream-song

it wasn’t long ago

i threw rocks in the corner

thought we’d never lose her

and then she left

i can’t whisper anymore

my thoughts a full-throated roar

silent no more

what for?

now i bounce around

drowning in the sound

of what’s lost when more is found

it’s you we miss

can we make this right?

winter walks in glowing night

searching for the might

to keep moving

i fight

we stand

a master without a plan

she walks

on gilded dreams

alone in everything

we left

she saw

what’s mine

it’s clear

you’re gone


sing with me

of a sea baring nothing left to hide


stand and fight

against every misguided gun shot shredding everything in sight

i can’t look away

come back

we can’t delay

come back

it’s now you say

come back

come back

come back

from a stool, hours early

i’m the drone picking up the phone, listening to thoughts alone, without a deafening end-of-the-road dial tone

give this dog a bone

i’m going home

to encounter memories with drawn on faces

catching up to residual synthetic traces of time left behind

hit the rewind and scroll

i’m going for a stroll with the one i extol for lending an ear to my pulse rising pedantic platitudes piling up to nesting bird’s homes as they ready to relocate with weather’s winds


i’m staying here

come on in

i’m alone on my couch

catching up with the contoured creases that comfort me as i stare into this rectangular glow

reaching out

pretending you’re all with me

sit close

let’s make this real

temptation will steal away thoughts that make this deal worth taking

grab me

shake these pebble demons from my troubled mind

help me move on

away from you