Thank you, Shards

to the shards, thank you

mirrors break

reflected images distort, i make a mistake

this window, the lens i choose for you to see me through, it’s not all i do, only a clue, a scrolling stream where you feed when sitting in stranger-filled waiting rooms, stopping to chew

virtual cud

have you watched the videos?

read the poetry?

curiosity, behind the pictures, the monster i see, reflected when i don’t stop and piece together, you

the shards

helping me to see me more clearly

and inevitably

right before the picture comes into focus

i’ll find a way

to break


there you’ll stay at my feet, a lifetime of searching set on repeat, after repeat

thank you for sticking around

thank you, to the shards

facets of my life falling to the floor when i forget there is an open door, line to connect, people to help dissect this tragic-tempting day filled with more beauty than i can convey in the words of a thank you letter

to the shards