from the same porch, inspired to write, perched in a treetop with angry saints

my enemies wait in trees

for me to cross underneath

i’m the shallow soul wanderer who tricked too many pain-seeking puppets, they bide their time, in carefully decorated caverns, craving a medicine created in labs where sales are the solution and a final scene will draw the curtains closed

as i walk away

afraid you listened to my thoughts, while i sat alone hating every molecule that collided to create this soon to be corpse i travel through your three dimensional world in

dreaming of saving you before you drop six feet, i’m soon to join

they can’t save wretches

like us

when death’s flash-second fury of filth is the first time we felt



with everything

the voices sing

welcoming dirty feet travelers

who jumped out of trees

not to destroy

but to walk alongside

the risen spirits

we became

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