from bed, despite all the rage…

tender age

wrapped in a cage

i’m sitting in a king sized bed trapped by rage

oh, poor me

images, laying complicit, forcing myself to absorb every still-photo cycled, recycled, history’s nest incubated reminders, we need to thrash the dark parts of humanity, rip them to shreds, when babies cry “papa” in silver marathon beds

disassemble the fragments

destroy this age

no need to seek

it’s barreling down


emotion-beat faces of those who consistently play straight, yah, the ones he calls fake, can’t help tear-drop reality, as they struggle to speak what was spoke by breaking-voices rushing in their numb right ears

“excuse me? what’s that? are you kidding me? i have to share what?”

“we’re live”

i know


we lost this hand, gave it away

tears stream into artificial color blends, now presentable, a tell


hurry up, deal the cards

you know what?

fuck it

have the chips, cash them in, stick it in your neighbors wife, we’re done

my poetics are failing me

anger controlling me

stacking up reasons there’s nothing i can do, we talk about the jew, after…

weak minded bosses who use diseased shit for brains thought process to take over society, ahhh, you fucks!

how many “h’s” do you use to demonstrate screaming through clenched teeth?

bowels released in my bed from pressure dread inculcating my heart, core, and head

being polite needs to end


fuck you who are still calm and reasonable

cooler heads get frost bitten, left unable to make their mouths malleable enough to whisper


drop and roll

they’re a fire, inhaling timber down mountainsides once hailing purple majesty

that’s their color now


red and blue fused, knot tied ideology, hues overtaken, mistaken, conjoined

copywriting the slogan on the back of our coin

of no value, inflated hearts pop, moral markets crash

trade in your blank stares and candy bar cares


“this could be awhile”

from bed, another death certificate

(why was?) a 20 year old rapper i never knew at the top of my feed

confounded as i chewed my way through the day’s events unaware that my plate, overflowing, was perfectly crafted, a tweezers had delicately placed flower petals into place outside nature’s realm on freeze dried oysters dutifully beautified with ingenuity’s nod and foam spray

i’ve been probed, answering inquiries with questions

pictures can’t capture moon glow, words can’t capture thought flow, thoughtless blows, cloud covered skies, explanations needed, birthing distance, separation, crafted lenses make mountains a shrunken backdrop to something we’ve grown used to


i didn’t know his name

my thumb swiped to the sky

blocking the sun

he was just another guy

they’re a distant family

he’s a mythic creature

she’s crying in corners beyond my closed doors

we’re living in bouncing bubbles

you don’t walk my streets

i can’t relate

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