from bed, another death certificate

(why was?) a 20 year old rapper i never knew at the top of my feed

confounded as i chewed my way through the day’s events unaware that my plate, overflowing, was perfectly crafted, a tweezers had delicately placed flower petals into place outside nature’s realm on freeze dried oysters dutifully beautified with ingenuity’s nod and foam spray

i’ve been probed, answering inquiries with questions

pictures can’t capture moon glow, words can’t capture thought flow, thoughtless blows, cloud covered skies, explanations needed, birthing distance, separation, crafted lenses make mountains a shrunken backdrop to something we’ve grown used to


i didn’t know his name

my thumb swiped to the sky

blocking the sun

he was just another guy

they’re a distant family

he’s a mythic creature

she’s crying in corners beyond my closed doors

we’re living in bouncing bubbles

you don’t walk my streets

i can’t relate

open another app

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