from a couch, detained by doubtful words

sentiments were left blowing through the streets, strung along by a tongue tied wind, encouraged by the black-out rage of those never looking within, or back, always forward, dead-aim attack


words never meant to linger in nibbled on lovers ears or bask in the glow of a child’s terse tears, said and sung away softly, drifting down pallid people paths where sullen dreams dry up, fall off, and catch the swirling cycle of platitudes puked into the air, so we can say we did something

they caught fire, in grey matter caverns

destroying rehearsed dance step memories

forcing us

to say something new

from the porch, first crack at a stream-song

it wasn’t long ago

i threw rocks in the corner

thought we’d never lose her

and then she left

i can’t whisper anymore

my thoughts a full-throated roar

silent no more

what for?

now i bounce around

drowning in the sound

of what’s lost when more is found

it’s you we miss

can we make this right?

winter walks in glowing night

searching for the might

to keep moving

i fight

we stand

a master without a plan

she walks

on gilded dreams

alone in everything

we left

she saw

what’s mine

it’s clear

you’re gone


sing with me

of a sea baring nothing left to hide


stand and fight

against every misguided gun shot shredding everything in sight

i can’t look away

come back

we can’t delay

come back

it’s now you say

come back

come back

come back