from a porch, rain is coming

grafted personalities with wind-blown hairdos did the desert dance in sand filled bedrooms while clutching arid histories against milk depleted breasts

hope crumbled as swirling dirt devils divided what happened


what was wished for

we can’t taste the innocence of a sour dairy kiss anymore, without wondering which farm you wandered away from

developing a future, progeny

will cease

birds will fly

dogs will bark

worms will weasel through holes, no longer visiting the sea

we came together, for destruction

brought together, so they could continue on

from a couch, 28 days

sincerity in your glow

not a rabbit

or a man

future, righteousness

glowing rock wonder, a time keeper depended upon by women and travelers

you’re the balance necessary for enlightenment, hanging and dressed in contentment’s promise

you go unnoticed, some nights

hidden behind pollution clouds, taken for granted

and, some nights, we don’t fight, we stare, wondering what the other is thinking, mesmerized by your consistent arrival, the reassurance that we can find our way


when sunlight sleeps

guiding our dreams, possibilities, plans to execute

while you watch without agenda, fixed, in our night sky

i’m glad i was taught

to look up