from bed, hacking the breeze

relied upon institutions bastardized by a revolution of technology, masses conjure their imaginative egos pretending to have put in the time

fooling you, they’re real

discipline lost

paradise, long gone

sweet steven priest wrote a new song

i’m tricking myself that this poem, however long, contends with hughes, whitman, and what’s that haniel?

i belong

validation was cast in the lake of credentials, genuine appeal and voice discovered, developed and verified by the dirt under your nails, sunken eyes framed by the denial that everything is ok

prove myself

keep moving

they’re just as real

the words

i’m not the bash brothers containing my accomplishments with new blood juice, i’m letting loose the noose and finding an excuse to keep emitting emotion into an atmosphere of nobodies pressing ‘likes’, dismissing the possibility that i might have ‘something’ here

who wants to go first?

out on a limb

can’t cling to ironies ease, cackling, waiting for silence to assure you’re not alone when moments seized in the breeze of another’s sneeze and you said something

don’t bless me

dismiss me as a hack


i don’t have a name?

selfish flying in internet space we ego-righteously claim it couldn’t be

just be


moving pictures of animal interactions are easy to digest

i’ll keep making meals lactose thick

i want you to hear me when i come out


contemplating a new page in this digital age, no one will define good for you

unless you join their monthly club

you made your box

now die in it

from a porch, graduation

i educate

i teach

i provide lessons while pacing classroom floors begging for questions

unanswerable and deserving attention, an enigmatic energy pushing further perceptions of reality and math equation mentality leading us closer to new found morality

if we stop to listen

i pause in hallways with youth mingling in swarms, disjointed social norms, sorting out the circles, triangles, and obtuse forms that are drawn to examine and explore why i learn more when i hit the floor, falling off ledges asking ‘what for?’

i hope i don’t bore

with the one thousandth and thirty-fourth time i remind you to be kind

i foster a sense of self, confidence climbing walls in front of smart boards carrying your research words of worlds you wish to fly to and investigate, get lost and redecorate your failing facade, now, strip it away, find yourself, serve the whole

i’m a student

i’m being taught

you provide lessons so i don’t get caught

thinking i know that i know something

all i know is the same nothing

you are seeking to forget