from a couch, withdrawal

door hinges holler

even when you tip-toe to the jamb and ease our portal to sin open, they hear you

you can’t hide

we’re destined to be exposed, their hands clapping, shortly followed by brandished weapons openly exposed on hips made to hold children, or the lingering lust left over from lovers tongues and lips leading you on, every echo of our existence lives in the widest parts of our being

they see us

we’ll move on

to bedrooms with nightstands holding tomorrow’s mask, mutated machine gun eyes ready to fire in moments of surprise sudden shaking of our senses that can’t be stopped with your mental breakdowns pushing everyone away

all we wanted was to take advantage of your dreams

to act out our own demented fantasies where everyone is undressed and daring our pain to crawl out from underneath trauma’s wings

split me open

i’ll lie next to you

bleed into me

penetrate the doorway with raucous energies pounding all senses to alert everyone that we’re home

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