from bed, we will cave to the pressure

i tried to smile at you this morning

lifting flesh and bones from the single moment of solace in my day

no one will walk alone when we decide to refuse the concept of self, when we see longitude and latitude as figments of our collective imagination, created to capture some semblance of order to our own constructions

bullshit, to be torn apart

“it” rests on the petals of dahlias

forming patterns of perfection, calling stability and comfort to its natural supply of calm

i gaze, and realize, i don’t need to try anymore

through the lines of a poem i found the secret to destroying you, me, i

i found beauty in despair

a reason to still care

exposing my self

for us to see

our smile

in all we are

without thinking

we will leap faithfully to our feet

and with unison shoe beats

walk to meet


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