from a porch, listening to lightening

the night nears an end

temporary space where unconscious exploration begins, nothing expires when examined again, picked up dropped in spaces to heighten an understanding of where we got lost on this turnpike filled with stops and starts and turn arounds, spinning underground to make our way through impassable barricades listening to the mist slowly gather to a rain, and feign a smile so you know i heard what you expected as the midnight oil burned

i hope these pages smell of kerosene and fluorescent lights in the modern age

i stayed up

dedicated to rage

change that brings forth a light that’ll guide us when the next space time travel is welcomed to design patterns of thoughts coinciding, colliding, exploding and refining the purpose we seek to push on another day

i thought of you

alone in a bed made for two

tossing and turning with ideas plagued

the belief that there is something more

it’s more of what came before

the aftermath left on a forest floor

walking over crumbled leaves

a change of seasons

i can breathe again

with reason

not to figure out

to resign the words for someone else

walking this path

of rediscovery

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