from bed, somebody is in the cloud


involve yourself in me

i want you to interpret my pleas that come from questions to please those answers that speak

spinning plate shenanigans eating off everything that damaged us again

walk through your spent money interfering with advertisements, assorted as an example of grasping outside the typical espionage purposes

it could be something

news that broke everything that didn’t have pennies to toss in a pond

no wishes will be given for the fifth straight trip we made to get your coffee and wipe our smiles while taking care of you

done right

on time

supporting everything on sale

protect yourself

throw a dot com behind anything and i’ll visit

otherwise your hard work is worth only more caffeine more amphetamine more alcohol

fuck your elliptical go the whole circle through my thoughts and stick your finger upside down inside me with high blood pressure pulsations, creating brands that are the number one at healing your heart

a broken one

oh, you won awards

take a moment to address the veterans

‘you have benefits’

a loan

call this number and sit on hold

need money for your families

close in thirty days and owe us for the next thirty generations, blood or green backs

mr. president

what do you say to dreamers



doctors lie for you

capitol hill protests demand more action of inaction to act in my fault

it’s your party, dance

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