from bed, i forgot the password

over time i lost my confidence

changing my smile was important to me

i got all this for less than fifty bucks

fair and honest

save, but hurry

we’ve learned a little more today

he spoke, but he’s less than forthcoming. surprise

can he answer

we’re frustrated

and this is the typical process

standard procedure

it’ll happen again

what is typical?

stay quiet

don’t slip

loose lips

i agree to cooperate

define my privilege

the understanding is misunderstood it doesn’t count, unless you want advice covering up crimes

we are entitled

focus on procedure, this is not usual

telephone the witness and stick your fist in his mouth, i’m covered, we’ll debate, i’ll die, before you rule

over me

evidence covering won’t fly like the pigs from your ass and out of the sky before i rest upon your inability to avoid us

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