from a porch, you were going to hold me accountable

lollipop licking

contemplating your last statement while gazing out over breeze-blown tall grass, tempting the less cynical side of my spirit while sugary spit clumped in my throat, swallowing the artificial sweet side of life proved difficult

i kept sucking

i held back a cough, sure to be misinterpreted if it penetrated the atmosphere and confused the steady stream air

you don’t remember what you said?

the whisper that stripped me of everything i dreamt we had, only days earlier when i swayed in a string tied hammock we bought on vacation

you thought i was sleeping

your whispers found a way through the breeze

sentiments of regret were swept into my ears

i waited

for you to say more


your hushed sigh echoed through my resting mind, changing letters in sequence and design to form your final


so long

i opened my eyes to the sound of music song echoing playfully in my mind, easing the reality of moving on

under my cap brim shading the sun

a smile danced through my eyes

and quickly curled my lips, finally releasing

i can breathe again

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