from the porch, wind is catching the fire


tell me another story

the one about leaving home

the one about walls you pine for

the one about saturdays spent in doorways deciding to stay or go, spinning in indecision, the sensation of losing control, without a taste, yet, of jaded-aged fright, a dice roll, pulsing with prudence you pounded your heals into rooms ravaged by moving flesh organisms lifted in syncopated sonic flashes wishing there was a way to make it last

tell me

tell me how you wandered out of the door to streets stained with the after glow of moonlight tromps seeking souls left asunder, dancing while asking which way the golden one goes after declaring the detour was a faster route

come again?

i heard you

i just want to hold on

to the tale you chase when there’s nothing left to talk about

start over

were you scared?

did he trick you into believing lamppost guides led the others to death, a fortune tellers dream i trusted

leaving me listening to your stirring stringing together sequence of events capturing the laments and happenstance that left us helpless

i would go

if you’d stop explaining how

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