from a high-top table, sometimes it’s nice when no one shows up

i caught you looking

at cinderella’s crown

she never thought the dust would settle, that an end could be found underneath bedsheets

in the mean time, we buzz about, hyper analyzing every sound coming from dizzy kids mouths while wobbling to safety

we create reason

so sophisticated by our education

failing to define application

now, they’re left alone

listening to our drone

pounding into a phone

memes without substance

snark in abundance

it’s time we direct and resurrect oral traditions

the human condition

a release from hidden inhibitions

speak up

explain the passing of paternal thrones, midnight groans from hungry body bones an ocean afar impacting our moans mumbling out before we close our eyes to be dazzled by dreamscape dramas where she found her prince

i wince

it was herself she was looking for, under the covers

you saw it first

the glimmer above her eyes

rescue her tonight

with an age old lullaby

hush little baby

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