from the porch, drifting through your apartment

i saw the question lines on your face


symptoms of stranded times we can’t erase

or replace

travesties counted on a number line


disheveled and wet

a mess

coming home

walking in the door umbrella still erect slish slosh shoes mark where you’ve been plopping on a conditioned couch catching the moisture transfer from skin to clothes to cloth to a running nose joining the water logged face drops mixing with salt destined to put you to sleep

you sit

unrequited emotions



you struggle off your clinging coat

winter hat removed

leaving knotted hair chaos covering your wrinkled lines lingering with each whimper recognizing loss

it’s over

your eyes close

only to open with shivering arms clutching the only one you have left

you’ll stay here


for answers you understand

but can’t commit to

falling sideways you feel the weight

and fall asleep

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