from bed, dedicated dining rooms are boring

when do we get privacy?

communications where we have control

really, it’s inviting isolation rather than gaining clandestine adventures

a complete lack of being alone with our thoughts, writing and contemplating without the fear of judgement cast by those we keep away from when dungeon doors are closing

i gather my understandings and undress foretold scenes

dancing in rhythmic movements

waiting for a turn to share our self-reflection with the moon

she’s full of regrets

lighting the sky with our lost bets


locked in chat room vaults, a text message waltz, typed to friends with whom we keep jokes on the inside

laughing at those who free-ride reside in rooms where we cried

alcoves of infinite sequences

zeroes and ones


i want you to navigate this alone

are you ready?

to synthesize information

understand false relation

virgin exposure without our steady-head-nod composure to ‘okay’ your decisions

i trust you


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