from bed, our kids are amazing

gum wrapper halls and discipline-poster walls were walked out of today

left to absorb silence

while voices against violence raised and moved through our city’s, county’s, state’s, country’s vibrating lit fuse walkways, ready to go-off with their genuine refuse to let their school mates fall around them

signs pulsated on the horizon while chants shook somber souls staking their claim that they figured out this rotating shell game of policy, politics, and the plague of platitude payoffs pushing an agenda leaving them to take to streets, ending in a square where their puzzle-piece youth-fucked facades came together to form a whole


classrooms filled with one piece desks

uncomfortable at best

couldn’t contain our kids

when enough is enough

they taught today’s lesson

target hit

i took notes as they cast a breath of inspiration into a nation drowned in denial


Video from Student March, Colorado, USA 2/27/18

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