from bed, half way and switching light

crunching sounds came from her room

mornings are done

she spent enough time spitting in moving streams sending stems shooting up where she’d hang her hopes, dreaming of valleys where vapors vault off vailed actor’s faces while they falsely direct attention away from tempting situations

we’ll end up there again

this time the lights will be out

she’ll continue to shout her thumbs into a screen to make sure you understand where she’s been, delegated discoveries of insecure ship captains commanding without a crew

navigating neutral waters

waiting for a breeze

i’ll be there, with her, hoping inspiration at the end of the day will guide us after coming half way.

*I’m halfway through a year of “streaming” everyday. I will now switch to streaming before i go to bed, rather than right when i wake up. i should probably change the title of the blog – in time.

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