from a couch, pause and applause lines

SOTU: 1/30/18

Day 376

Shattered norms

our union




first lady


this podium

their dreams

swift action

our land

all americans

extraordinary success

never imagined


we can be americas spine

devastating hurricane

las vegas strip

with melania

hurricane harvey

forty lives

thank you very much

david dahlburg

walls of flame


pull through together


very personally

like you steve

in this room


(paul ryan is thinking – so far so good)

of tragedy tonight

the key

to serve

our people are strong

proud america



rising wages

forty-five year low

ever recorded

in history

this short period of time

through the roof

american history

small business

for everyone

child tax credit

in half

a lot more

(paul ryan – slow down buddy, stop ad libbing)

government ordered health care

individual mandate is now gone

anywhere in the world

a lot of money

in ohio

twenty year history

the building next door

two daughters education

a great welder

20,000 workers

just a little while ago

new american moment

this is your time

achieve absolutely anything

we’re going to be

do anything

same home

american flag

american life

in god we trust

(paul ryan – circled fingers to the sky)

unwavering support

on veterans day

a job well done

stand for the national anthem

history of our great country

religious liberty

health care decisions

VA accountability act

love our vets as much as we do

beginning of this great journey

our veterans

the american people (?remove people who fail american people?)

any administration in the history of country (remove regulations)

beautiful clean coal

to the world

beautiful autoworkers

that’s whats happening

in a long time

its all coming back

all over our country

leaving us

that’s where they want to be

the right to try

prescription drugs

for the year


our wealth

we’re getting it back so fast


they’ll be fair

our trade rules

crumbling infrastructure

a simple road

our people deserve

desperately needs

we can do it

even one

building heritage

american grit

poverty to prosperity

need so badly

full potential

paid family leave

second chance at life

american families

illegal unaccompanied alien minors

thank you very much

thank you

break into our country

never happen again

all over the world

america’s forgotten communities

and creed

right to american dream

american’s are dreamers too

happen quickly

off our streets

great guy

send you reinforcements

previous administration covered

twelve year period

the border

catch and release

safety of american people

respect the laws of our country

end chain migration

distant relatives

spouses and minor children

future of america

chain migration

no longer afford

into the 21st century

immigration system

makes it happen

terribly hurt

you enable the goodness of our nation

our values

or anyone else

their nuclear weapons

we are not their yet, sadly

face of the earth

killers in iraq, and syria, and other locations as well

until isis is defeated

hopefully safely

boobie trapped

open an airway

emergency surgery

staff sergeants

are evil

annihilate them

be clear

unlawful enemy combatants


who we release

great job

guantanamo bay

wherever we find them

guantanamo bay

new rules of engagement

(paul ryan – yawned)

our plans

jerusalem as the capitol of israel

make this decision

only go to friends of america

struggle for freedom

iran nuclear deal

sanctions on cuba and venezuela

cruel dictatorship in north korea

aggression and provocation

inspire us all thank you

total american resolve

to always done

be free

to death

the truth

how far you’ve come

thank you

monument to the american people

brave kids

they are americans

belongs to them

be worthy of them

we should never forget

god bless america

good night

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