from bed, frantic and unfinished

i didn’t want the part

at least i came to the audition and read your lines

they were memorized

when you called out for more i improvised lied about my family ties readjusted the length and proper size until i realized i couldn’t synthesize sense into something that paralyzed me at an early age the coming of ways i found to not be around, lost and creating a new sound for getting your attention every hope i’d mention shot down by your penitent for watching me squirm under the tree i shook from, should i rehearse a new script to be better equipped in a world where lies are dipped in front of counterfeit children being raised up to shut up to catch up to match up to climb up the rings of a polyethylene handled ladder of burning emotions cautioning us every step of the way that this playwright needs to burn the stage with you all on it and start over

i’m here for the audition

will you listen to something i wrote?

it’s kind of long and i wonder off script it may bore you at times, but don’t forget it’s legitimate and i don’t want to quit

i’ll include you at the end

if you want

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