from bed, you should be inconsequential

white bands stretching the sky

staring into muted equations as my eyes dry with welcomed goodbyes and sighs left over from yesterday’s rise of emotions uncovered without intention.

so they thought

store bought calculation well timed removal of spectacles and the right intonation as your hands hit your face

queue the tears

i can’t even feel watching you unfold stories wove in and out of family drama using your shameless ability and manipulation to get through a situation where you fucked up

someone, somewhere let your tears turn locks and set you free on a minute to minute twisting of reality to avoid the penalty of owning that spot where you’re sitting

why should i care? it’s not me who has to pace in the creases of your grey matter, folds of phony fucked up clatter feigned excuses while voices splatter their concern for you

i can’t

i try to meet everyone with what the leave out in front of me, but you, and your ‘mommy-daddy-they’re mean’ mentality, there’s a finality, and while i may succumb to banality i certainly won’t light the fuse to help guide you out of dark places erected in the tight spaces of faces whose mind erases the history of your graceless walk

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