from bed, silenced

words this week have hid under umbrellas knowing the reign of heavy hands is here to stay

you pushed me

conversations could have climbed to new look out points

brushes with death that would force our will and silence your breath

you decided to continue on a path carved years ago



uninspired dinner plate

presentations left with no opinion as to how we can change

it isn’t a matter of rearranging where the chicken and couscous sit it’s unpacking new entertainment that doesn’t require barbed wire side dishes with every ‘how are you’ well wishes and can’t we stop and look before we eat

did the calendar change again?

suspended from the will to see drawn out sentences sorting on a canopy protecting your side of life i only imagine

Shields up!

the cavalry is coming


you weren’t looking

weapons were left home and they were here to carry you


yet, here you stay crouched with dismay grimacing at those who love you

you didn’t miss the boat,

you dug a moat

we stopped trying to cross

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