from bed, wrapped tight


am i suppose to describe it?


blankets that fell ill to this awful hue after you decided to wrap my trust too tight spilling out secrets clustered in passionate pulse places where people weren’t suppose to be

i was vulnerable

we ate dinner in gathered clothes

they weren’t all mine

i knew that

words you willed into me

guided thoughts

fans running high blowing them around the room haphazard chimpanzees ruining your carpet fed by thinking too much

put the plate down and go for a forkful of laughter in light of guiding his emotions for your own convenience i stop and stutter walk too much

glide in this cache of ruins you created to culture dominance in foreign fed freckle faced fucks i need to get away from creating doorways to alleys where light hasn’t peeked in years i’m not sure i could tell you how to get there this blanket keeps showing up and wants to talk to me it’s pissed on and bled through could we meet tomorrow to unwrap the past

i’m busy right now getting out of bed

peeling off the white plastic sheets is proving to be difficult



you will always be remembered

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