from bed, cud

she usually saunters in with stale sunlight revealing her sin

i walked by as she broke the silence

it was required of our relationship

stunned violence

leaving my desire for later in that day i made a point it was in the midst of hampering their progression as street weak police officers glare their vision of what happened in lies of mouths to ok the invert slavery shuffling back in our gardens too small to see a city plot working forty your not acres and fools it’s enough for our tools to be left on corners and stealing its borders fold the corners you ducking idiot he doesn’t laugh at those jokes it’s the eggs benedict cover your yolk you god damn fool know your boundaries quit pushing people away with your derivatives of cancer and fishing story answers it was as big as you think you made it up in that pea sized shit brain you call home of good luck and we’ll all wish it while walking away from trite phrases and mint gum

to each their piece of your normalcy blasted blanket eating tuna sandwiches stinking up everyone’s world get out of her fat bastard fear

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