from bed, chocolate chip pancake with whip

spewing forth all forms

last night, settled chest

i cup my hand and catch your insight

we walk together

a little hits the floor


you go your way

and i go mine

i’ll pull your hair back

let me clean up first

i wouldn’t have done that for just anyone

it’s no use telling you that

its expected

let’s have breakfast

wait, i have something to say

satellites stopping the moment of rest i can’t hear your pulses or reflect on your ‘best’ image and situation painted for me it’s california nuts and the bird in a tree singing the anthem of everywhere she’s been carrying twigs of village and city the pity of knowing it can get so gritty with something in my mind

i can’t share my intention while i listen for forgotten goals in every situation fluttering through masking the blue of deserted wonder and work away glue i want you to know in this place we are ok. i won’t wish away the sanity we can gather around if we all drowned

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