from bed, cold sun

she shudders in the shower

water washing wasted emotions down the drain

joining everyone else’s bodily throwaways

discards of what we don’t need

on her knees

less space to travel

it’s me who sent you to this place of unraveled threads a shredded out shoelace traveling further down until they’re left to decorate the deterioration of something we could have found before vanishing

i didn’t know my impact

i’m sorry

i didn’t realize you looked to me for direction

i was doing the same

i, i, i and more fucking ‘i’s’

i can’t stop this internal itch to investigate every situation…do you think of me?

is there an i to your we

do we stand a chance

perhaps you, you, you and more time taking ‘you’s’ are getting in the way with your shit baggage i know you showed up with shuffling through the door the sounds of buckles and zippers scraping the floor indelible marks those treasured trash bags of your history came in with you

and you left them there

half inside

which is half outside

it was partly cloudy

and we were unable to close the door

you flopped on the couch

i was suppose to make breakfast

you, what were you going to do again?

make what?

you almost got me

you almost


i almost let you in again

knock knock

go away

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