from bed, blanket head

stifled memories brought up the sun

we left the park hearts skipping on strings lined with bobbers

pants dirtier than the ground we slept on you were the one who asked to chase the rabbit into the trees it was escaping me

then you said please and never mind wondering if i’d do it again we are penciled in next tuesday

relative necessitates will come and go it’s hard to know if bringing back my friend or foe will prove anything new a bottle of ‘let’s do this’ chasing away second hand situations and hand me down emotions we run from home carrying cross stitched sentiments tightly to our hip, shooting off sophomoric quips to gas station attendants spilling our seventy nine cent soda across the counter with painful glares aware of what we are up to in an instant i flip him the bird as we laugh our way through clang ringing doors bumping into middle age misters who were gas filling

emptying half our cup, drink up. let’s carelessly cross our hearts and hope we die while peeling back layers of why i cry through while i examine nothing new in you but a blanket and shoe lost on the trail a breeze that failed. i know how the night will end. hurry up let’s get there.

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