from a stool, different environments

spell it out for her and walk away

it’s splattering motions that leave us today crawling sputter god give me some time to make sure you are the one i want to decline in moments when i’m drenched in sunlight and captured by derelict black emotions every waking second drenched in contradiction bathing in hypocrisy i’m a liar face fat fuck who can’t make ends meet i figured i’d shape myself different for you presenting casualties and my boo hoo sad suck story to cover the glory of opportunities i’ve wasted gliding through forgotten faces and braces were never needed to straighten my teeth i fell once masking this bent up beak i carry as my trademark i know it’s not you it’s the fellow who blew right past me in second grade within a stylized profession he was well paid it was all i knew gilded bannisters sliding now faster beginning to strut in with pants half down it’s the fucking clown who scares me in upright positions a special force fierce passer yet nothing to curse if his hands were chopped off and hamarabi was right i would have caught a glimpse of you tying his shoe when i pulled in the room hoping to hop aboard.

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