from bed, after darting to help her vomit 

to the few

study a facial feature, slight hand to the desk, whisper to Karl who’ll never take a risk 

corralling corgi harnessing energy and thoughts to box it in so they’ll break it out expand and contract motions to make sure they feel you listening no wrong no right no situation too tight to squeeze through and cater a new understanding of us and them and they and we pronoun punting in the land of the free wipe them clean and dig the ditch it’s our last effort to make a switch they want to know and know they’ll never have a complete picture irrigated with the happy and sad rising faster crashing dead spirits dragging in are we with you entering and trying to begin 

teenage minds rewind remain kind my job is to define a culture of expectations from there it’s yours take the four by four and build stairs to straddle strangers glaring back it’s kill or sunshine the greatest attack to who we are built around cities dusk set in polite canteens with situations met 

grab my heart beating whole and holy filled with scars never stopping this bully who baby’s and panders to beasts and goal line jocks considering the feast of flavors desperately wanting a way in you found me yesterday standing away from everybody i was lost and scared left to my own and unaware that blessings are not from above but below the devil never developed the land or laser light show i dig to find my lasting breathe it’s in front of me clamoring bereft to dance with bubbles bursting as they binge watch cantaloupe stars on soap board situations scrubbing now drubbing and clubbing the enemy who can’t stop loving you. 

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