from her bed, freezing

she doesn’t want to go i understand and sometimes demand too much from the one whose hand is full of heart as right from the start we knew she carried a different part in our lives with the rain that poured down this fragmented fall day 

mom is away and in another direction a friend fell to fade as city lights pass by i want to shelter this cry and it’s sneak attacks moments i couldn’t predict washing the dishes i’m met with a pin prick to the cornea flooded with images not of you, you pulled the trigger and now i have to figure which way i’ll take this and i tried the destructive route with little success cause this happiness keeps finding me in times of distress it’s learning it’s burning and fuel is forever found in the above ground play pit never to sever cause here with cascading melodies sauntering over valley floors lifting until we can’t hear anymore just feel the sonic symphonic blast of cool air hymns washing our forgiven forays into folly that we volley to test the waters of love and chagrin come in its warm it’s cold it’s nothing i’m told its where you belong, and where you’ll behold all that is.   

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