from bed, contemplative

it’s curious the turns we take when wishing we never knew the mistake that came when you left for the sake of others carrying on and wishing we could bake one last candle into that cake with a song 
where do we stand with the ones we’ve touched do we listen enough to know the truth the place where spirit lives and isn’t removed that sweet spot in every soul needing ears not hand shake goals the way we communicate to get our needs is it good enough to continue to feed this real human being bouncing in all of us to succeed as people who fight and fuck and bleed can’t we see one another for what we are reflections of the whole who have gone too far into their own place trying to erase this magical string you could weave and trace through humanity without forgotten souls i am all of you a fraction of the whole humming and moving through evening strolls knowing our time will come when we will roll through to the next plain i hope i leave a legacy like you to explain that love is key, and emotions aren’t to feign. 

Methods used to light the fuse for
adolescent views that were often confused 
really needing a person like you to use 
they turned, knowing you would swivel and
hear them for who they were not just
another voice distorting to a blur
How many people did you touch
a supporting crutch
yearning to help understand with your
nodding head and a ‘hey man’
everyday you’ll come to mind
someone to keep me from going blind

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