from bed, my friends

how could i forget running around with a candle stick singing with elton about the blues or flexing my muscle in deep synth tussles discussing my sweet dreams with annie, then along came bob who planted the seeds of lyrics transforming a society, with lou shuffling by telling me why it’s hard to give a shit but that everything will be all right with the sound of tea while a cat dissected the reality of family and needing more than a smile to get by, robert leaned in the perfect spin for when my preteen heart got broken, so jane says when perry sold me to addiction and what to think about in the shower with mould, jr. dinosaurs, forberts, psychedelic furs, chains of jesus, mary and monks sliding into a jam band phunk with dead souls not gogol’s but bobbing heads and clothes made with our own thread a panic sometimes traversing the country to feel sublime until we were stroked back to reality with icelandic melody, national pride welcoming three minute songs and tearful car rides while miles benjamin anthony robinson dug in and died and palmer played to the tide of being bigger on the inside i stretch these days sometimes in a kid bop station though i’ll be damned they’ll know the relation of crosby, young and NWA to a nation. thanking the four as i close this door knowing there are so many more who helped me when i hit the floor with minor threats and cirlcle jerks that made me not go berserk. a handful of eminems transformed my body to me again away from the sin of every country anthem i swayed away yet go back today to tammy, haggard, williams and cash. that’s my last dash, i thank you all i’m here today because of your gall to share your experience as i traverse mine. Yes! there are so many more of you in line. 

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