from bed, shelter

he looked across the hall and noticed a tiny speck of something on the wall. it was nothing and he moved on, dragging his umbrella and whistling your wedding song …

thursday afternoon it was brought up too soon how you’re going to regulate my use of the moon knowing that’s not something we should talk about around elf ears and shuffling feet the tension rises with the heat they hear ridiculing roars that funnel through floor boards and echo around picture-less walls and down stomped halls huddling at the top of stairs where do we go from here. start stop go stay it’s night morning wednesday friday easter i see the wear on faces that tare away at bunny suits we thought were cute until you pushed mute on my pursuit 

my lips moving you’re filling in words running around dotted lines you dashed with yourself years ago now go and guide other guilds that need to build something you’ll live in even though you told them you were free and i’ll stand in the shadow cast by that sight seeking to get into one last fight to feel the push of your breath poisoning my face the last taste of common ground that can’t be found when we know we shouldn’t be around areas aching with another angry shoe tie it’s how we get by if death came easily then it was hard to wake and understand the more you take tickles every trader ever touched by that time you knew the words i shared were ours and i heard them bouncing, echoing in the courtyard where we first saw the day wasn’t too much.

you used them with someone else now

why’d you look, after i called?

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