from bed, with a little one

with wonder and amaze we waltzed around summer days handing everyone we knew something for the new craze a bed ridden silence lifted by the far off memory of slipping into a summary of reel to reel moments spliced together fragments when noticing your belly button pushing out

it’s then i ceased to doubt

that times alone would be forgotten 

drifting cotton wood in a sea of rotten souls someone grab the bowls and fill our senses with something other than this killing a mass everything super size my diamond ring we are dulled blow it up just to see just to hear a touch so rough it causes fear and smells of the dead take over the night the bitterness of that past bite that left my left jaw aching he warned us about jeremy and what it would take to turn the world black to lift this weight of piled up bodies in containers at sea floating off to a new found destiny where we no longer can imagine the possibility of creating some greater legacy of hope and it’s that word that binds us as human the thread that weaves through civilizations buried below or swaying with the breeze we need to seize the cord and pull together or die.

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