from bed, a hum to a roar

Stand there say something shift your feet and give me my thing this is not about you i need a figure eight new i need a streaming red sky sell me my next goodbye and tell me i’m not that guy while we ride a new tide to the sunspecks i see let us start to give a fuck if there is ever a better time those words hung in the air you walking to the place where i’m not scared a corner in my mind will you let me be blind building foundations for future destructions somebody help they forgot the instructions it’s now a torture chamber broken barrels that held our goodbye. it’s trite phrases and frayed shoelaces that keep my head down when going through these phases greeting card sentiments i could rehearse them in tenements alone a cost with you thinking i care banging my head on every adjective stare and knowing i’m giving in to this last ditched effort to hear your frost fueled tongue the throat squeeze barely breathing bash to my right eye that tells me you’re there it’s those times i’m alive and you now sway uneasily behind me. i see you in the shattered glass mirror leaning against the wall. you’re still here.

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