from bed, want to edit

Spider webs gathered in the corner while muffins baked in the oven his raised first seemed to bother mom she almost turned him off, if it wasn’t for the rest of them shuffled in line and doing their jobs. so she thought, she had never been caught and dragged censored and tagged. neither had i. i saw that fist raised like fire fury and popped my little one up to join the roar of people who know the power is in their hands it shouldn’t threaten you it falls into your plan of sorting and distorting common causes when raised up we are all pushing play and getting off our pauses to rage against the lying of the right and stand up to the laying on the left capitulation no more i walk in the door thunder rain to the shore and back east again ping pong the nation it’s played on every station don’t call on me that’s not what i want to make you look inside your own head while typing keys in bed and feel anxiety about pushing send.

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