from bed, moon

Together they would peer over the edge to see that laughing dragon disguised as a tyrannical sea serpent who couldn’t tell them what day it was yet every time they asked, searching for the truth in something so elemental. my mind a bubble about to bust open from the pressure of all these relationships and maintaining what it means to be a fiend, or is that friend, always up, can we plateau? catch ourselves drifting in the undertow. do you like what you see enough to be content with this? is it me or do i have to constantly be becoming perhaps that is the switch you pulled and to be told if truth is gold i never cared for what you want in this purpose filled castle where you gather with the mice daily making sure we know our lines it’s the expectations and nuance i wish i could understand this isn’t a performance. i don’t have to morph characters the tragedy is far from knowing it’s not greek to me this thing that you see is just a slice of freedom telling you to leave me alone and let the spy signal his own cologne in a german bathroom alone, listening to the tone of broken phone conversations left blank by kid television situations let’s all get this straight i can tug on your coat and silver plate a message it’s something to build can we just live in the top floor and call it good.

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