from bed, confused

we gathered the wood and put it to the left of the fire place like he asked, it wasn’t much of a task, really, he was the one in control of building the box that would be consumed by what brought us out of the trees and i preferred a teepee yet it’s not always up to me. we woke up early the next day and rolled through a mash up mix of manuscripted mountains to make sure we could touch a sanskrit circle with the perfect balance of yellow and purple if your wishes take you down this go round be sure to fold my face, symmetry puts it all in the right place a vase and taste of leftover waste wishing you would acknowledge the place where the lilacs lifted stale cigarette blood from a chair to your phone and the quiet drone that unpleasant tone of beast pounding parades pushing us home get back to the start and hand me my shirt i gotta figure out why there was no warning this morning i’m running late the smoldering burden in front is all that’s left

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