from bed, listening to the shower

Geese honking hailing the sun pulling out their northern forces another summer undone and while we rest in this home tethered by glue i wish for nothing more than another moment to share the sports page, comics and chew on the crossword i miss willis and bonnie sometimes mary lou it was those sweat filled nights no air conditioning generation watching the high v standing in ovation my stedia shoes stunk i had to toss them outside little did i know that’s where your bags would reside as then confusion sunk in on a weatherless fall day it was wishful thinking we’d be ok. at least for the moment. and as a youth i always wondered if i were gay, that’s what sensitive people had in their way instead of embracing the beauty of where i lay when alone in that manger filled with hay.

leave that limp green hanging smile for someone else it doesn’t matter how you embrace shattered thoughts that soar from my mouth as geese fly south honking and shitting on my manicured lawn thinking and blinking they belong they’re transient beings and need to find a home 

they better leave me alone

they’re geese you say

i don’t think that matters

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