from bed, on my side

fresh faces fall before me cuddled in the halls and the feeding frenzy needs no introduction they know the response and the calls their eyes reading the display on screens since birth the rituals acted out now it’s rehearsed this isn’t new or somehow them it’s a portrayal val kilmer as morrison who do you play and what to do the select few who don’t anticipate the next line and wade in the waters of time tested aggregates washing the stems leaving the rest for maggots where do you hang before the bell tolls in the summer splashes with gifts and moles or above the mire dripping with desire it’s you i must stop and inquire how does it feel always singing with the choir cause tacks in the road left you tired and flat alone whispering to the leaders and feeders who used leeches as bleeders quarters fill your pockets make sure to fill the meters and wash your hands on this first day of school can’t wait to listen to tales from the pool.

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