from bed, sideways

i laughed while dipping the ladle in my luggage of language today thinking of all the ways to say i can’t help but want to shove you off the side of a mountain and worship the other ones who are more enticing than the zebras you brought my way with their galloped faces, and worn out tread. i hopped on hoping to hear something different this time a reason to stretch before i try. walking by. drifting without a need to sigh before i die, you didn’t have to lie. it’ll happen you know. that final blow. so don’t forget. we danced together once without worrying what they saw and dipped our toes in what were still waters, glowing orbs above looking into saucers, taking off and joining that place perfectly positioned power pulling our paths this time our parents didn’t need to know, the glow, rub of the toe, it’s time to go. just when i knew what was getting into you we had obligations that seemingly grew. stay tethered, though at times we may tremble, jump off and reassemble.

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