from a chair, seemingly separate

he wouldn’t get off the steps that day slumped and grey watching the way people walked by and politely said ‘hey’ was it Thursday? that was of little consequence he needed those interactions he created without saying a word. it’s symmetry he thought two perfectly set halves left in balance frozen in forever freight or thawed out love he didn’t appear hostile he wasn’t seen he didn’t make himself known everyone that walked by though could signal his cologne a standard act in their daily parade 
come tell me why i should dance again the tempo is never right and i can’t understand the left then right or is it right then right and left again i come back to boyhood violence win codes for infinity and fire spray automatics two dimensional spaced out blood baths kept hypnotic mom poured the tang as we forgot about the bang, munching mentos, combos, and touching no one. i thought about girls once or twice it was too late before they all just thought i was nice let’s see slow motion steps to the ceiling and dance on the moon by the time you touch my heart it will be too soon 

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