from a chair

elephant eyes eating the public and taking the geese by surprise as they head south casting an end to the summer of surprise, blown before the candles were even lit this year they’re stepping their way through the human made lines and monuments with their continuous line of shit, wings have been clipped and we’ve all been ripped off by this migratory wonder being left to the land and butterflies died out long ago a monarch and jewel something to fuel the history of generations past the era is here i became a vegan after they wasted away the last steer, crabs engulfing the shores cars swerve out of habit yet they dropped through that secret trap door. our pathways and pursuits paved over, our adaptive nature left wondering where the signs are to tell us where to go we thought we’d know by now how to bow with respect and the nature of things is all we can quip as signs of seasons switching are in decline, we spend more time waiting in line for directions through this tumultuous decline. the geese. don’t blame them. create the climate for us all to share in the natural high “v”, get on and ride that morphed donkey.

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