from bed, wrestling

keeping my eyes half split they’re filling with water my mouth needs spit this damn cat won’t quit purring, pawing, kneading, NIP it’s then i “oh dude why you do that” he bites my hands while wrangling his wiggles. he “falls” to the floor. i act surprised. rolling over. round two i feel the pressure change as he pounces the lumps at the lower end of my limbs ping pong pushes he’s one step ahead. i’m really not ready to get out of bed this heart beating alarm grows in intensity forcing away the thoughts of the days destiny i must live in this moment fight or concede. don’t you see her sleeping over there? oh, you want food? not me. could you have just said something. this language of yours locked in licks a morning ritual i’d rather listen to the forceful ticks leading up to my lunge from this world of slumber – ugh – time to get up. 

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