from the porch, everyone is a fucking Napoleon

standard lines drawn and forgotten

can i cross?

the plane of existence we stand at fringes waiting for our turn to jump in and be swallowed by forgotten drama of social constructs that challenge our perceptions as gulf stream waters shift with cooler winds blowing their divine energies bringing gifts of sudden wonder and delights as i crash into your side walks hoping for another chance to drink the pooling waters of ghosts whom haunt our parties of goodwill

please remember me

the one who shot back a glance walking hallways of chance

now she dances before me

a slide to the left, bopping with a smile through tangled hair refreshing my memory that we are always becoming

when the lines cease to form boundaries and shapes

we’ll be healed from this spiraling fate

a whirlpool of forgotten scenarios

we’re drowning

finding new life

come with me

i promise

it won’t hurt