from a plane, someone else’s life

push back, feel me close

get away from the dream-time tricksters pretending there’s peace

i side-eye-squint your soft, flat, consideration-free face

fuck you

as i climb from one spasm fit movement to another, slam dancing flannel sheets

punching pillows

forcing sighs

falsetto goodbyes

resentment on the rise

wishing you were trampled by the chaos considerations that find comfort in the grey-matter recess i can’t erase

stuck on repeat

over and over and over and over

colluding with tantrum-rage fits

spawned by lack of order, the arrangements of social borders, engagements, a place holder, resting on shoulders of dates i hope never come

i can make that happen

i won’t

Another Way points her finger at me, giggling without regret

she can’t stay, dis-appointment reminders



never pull

or, i might never change

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